Managing IP and Technology for Open innovation


it successfully remains a challenge for many

Challenge #1


OI changes the rules of the game for managing IP, but IP also creates opportunities for innovation and can become an enabler of knowledge sharing

Challenge #2


Business model innovation is challenging, but how technology is managed and experimenting with markets and applications is as crucial as the technology itself


Addressing the challenges of managing IP and technology is the focus of this website. We provide insights, resources, and data about managing innovation, intellectual property, and technology to help organizations get the most out of Open Innovation.

Our emphasis is on leveraging IP as a strategic business asset, and highlighting how IP, rather than being a barrier to innovation, is often a crucial part of successful open innovation initiatives. We address opportunities, such as licensing, as well as provide recommendations for managing common IP issues that arise when opening up to new sources of innovation.

We believe that you can’t talk about Open Innovation without talking about the importance of the business model, so we also write about business model innovation, management of technology, and business strategy more generally. While we write mostly in the context of companies seeking to create value from technology, we also address how the benefits of OI can extend to services and government organizations.

We are a resource for leaders and managers interested in Open Innovation. We collaborate with and learn from academics who research and write about relevant subjects, and companies that are successful with open innovation. If either category describes you, and you’d like to contribute, please contact us!

ABOUT was founded by Nadia Carlsten. Nadia advises executives and innovation teams on managing Intellectual Property and Open Innovation, and she specializes in IP strategies that create new opportunities for technologies and facilitate strategic partnerships. Her consultancy Carlsten Innovation, LLC works with organizations of all types and sizes to provide services and solutions for implementing Open Innovation, leveraging IP, and quantifying innovation.

Nadia’s experience includes advising on enterprise innovation management, research and industrial partnerships, portfolio management, and technology transfer and commercialization at Accenture and the U.S. Department of Energy. Nadia completed the Management of Technology Program at the Haas Business School. She also holds degrees in Chemistry and Physics from the University of Virginia, and a Ph.D. in Engineering from UC Berkeley.

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